Frigorifico Azul S.A. Quality team guarantees that every product fulfills the regulations required by national and international agencies.

We have:
• Standardized sanitation operative procedures (ssop)

• A hazard analysis and critical points control system (haccp)

• Good manufacturing practices (gmp)• standardized operative procedures (sop)

• We fulfill animal welfare regulations to warrantee the highest level of alimentary safety in the industry


We use electronic tagging methods to continually monitor each animal throughout the supply process.

Our traceability system connects the entire productive process, from “farm to fork” guaranteeing the highest quality beef available.


Animal welfare

The slaughter process has been designed to eliminate stress during animal handling.
We have fully-trained animal welfare officers on each of our sites, and continuous training is conducted with all employees to ensure animals are handled correctly.
We guarantee the animals respectable conditions during the whole process based on the five freedoms of the “farm animal welfare council” of England 2016.

  • Animals shall not suffer hunger or thirst
  • They shall freely express their natural behaviour
  • They shall rest appropiately
  • They shall not feel fear or distress
  • They shall not undergo pain, injuries or illnesses.


We are committed to conducting our activities with due care and regard for the environment. Trough continuous improvement in our process, we strive to achieve a high standard of environmental performance across all areas of our business.